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Home Theatre with car subwoofers

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First time poster but i was just looking into hooking up my old car sub woofers to a home theater system i was about to purchase. The subs are 10'' 500 watt max 4 ohm pioneers and the guy at best buy who seemingly knew what he was talking about said i would only need the home theater system, and an AC/DC converter to power my old amp to supply additional power to the subs. i figured i would ask some others who know what they are talking about before i started rewiring the room. Thanks in advance
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The "AC/DC" unit to power the sub amp is probably the hard part.

You are looking at around 20 to 80 amps of 12v pure DC here, that will not come cheap.
"Splicing wires" will also halve (or double) the impedance of the speakers, so you are best to avoid that.

Putting them in parallel gives 2 ohms which would probably destroy an amplifier, putting them in series would give 8 ohms, which is more acceptable (depending on what the amplifier used is rated at) but may introduce some other distortions.

You may also be confusing "amplified speakers" (RCA fittings) with real "speakers" (2 wires)?

Your 500 Watt subs are real speakers, you need a humongously rated amplifier for them (and no neighbors).
6 amps at 12 volts = 72 watts.

You do not mention the rating of the car sub amp, but if the speakers are rated at 500 Watts, it is an indication.

200 to 500 Watt sub amps are common, that is a hell of a long way from 72 Watts though.

500 Watts at 12 volts is 42 amps.
Just watch the impedance as above. Do not connect then in parallel, check what impedance the "old 300 Watt" amp expects, if it's a domestic one it probably expects 8 ohms per channel it may rupture its guts on 4 ohms per channel.
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