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a freind of mine told me that i shuld defag my hard drive and do a disk clean up so i did then i did a restart and the hell started. it goes though the normal start up and on to the window welcome screen then goes in to a green screen saying that
checkng the file system on c:
one of yor disks needs to be checked for consistancy

and the goes on a scroll with three tests but can not get the info as it runs to fast there is two things that i can write down from the process

inserting an index entry with id 112 into index $ sdh sdi of file 9

deleting an inex entry with id 13752 fo index £ sdh o file 9

i can get in to the system as if nothing happend as it ask to skip process at the begining but because i use a usb keboard i can not do ths ad have had to get a older sytle key board window its self run fine
plaese can some one help as i am stuck
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