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(hipaa compliance cheat sheet?)

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(i was wondering if anyone has a list of all the hipaa guidelines for computers/networks/systems?

i've been trying to find a comprehensive list but all i can find online are legal documents. i'm looking for a list that i can use as a checklist.

like passwords must be this length and workstations must lock after so many minutes.

any assistance is greatly appreciated.

thank you. = ])
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Try this link and see if it has what you want:

It has some other sites on it's links page also that look promising.

If you do a google search for HIPAA Guidelines, you will probably get more also.
(thanks for responding so quickly. i looked over the site and links but i didn't see a checklist. do you know where i can find a checklist?)
No sorry I don't. It will probably take some searching on your part.

Try this site:

It is one of the links from the first site. It has a contact us page, so you could try contacting them and maybe they can direct you to what you need.

Good luck.
(thank you, i will definitely contact them.

i've been feeling a bit frustrated because i'm a very resourceful person and i'm used to finding the information i need fairly quickly and i've been unable to find what i want on the internet. there are so many consulting companies and courses you can take to help you learn about hipaa compliance but i want a quick and dirty list that will tell me exactly what i want. heh.

thanks again!)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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