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hiding showing divs

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hello i have this script which makes three divs who are hidden appear by clicking each time on a link specified
but i would also like to see any other div disappear since all the divs are placed at the same position

so when i click on the link which makes my div brands appear
i would like to see the divs services and liability disappear
in case they are visible, all divs are by default hidden
heres what i have for brands and services
if i click on the link for services i want the service div to appear and whichever of the other divs which is visible at that moment to disappear.

heres what i got
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they start out all invisble its kinda like a little subsite inside a site
a div with its own little menu 3 links and when i click on them the hidden divs inside that div with their content become visible

but when i click on brands first and after that on services i need to make the services div appear and make the one thats already visible invisible again thats the part i need to add to my code without having to make a new function.
well ive tried a different fashion can anyone maybe tell me

how to accomplish what i stated in my former post
i dont get into javascript too frequently

i have three divs with each their id
i need locate the objects within the dom first
i would also like to place it in an external file

dont know if this is the right syntax here
any help would be greatly appreciated

function findObj("brands","services","liability")
var p, i, foundObj;

if(!theDoc) theDoc = document;
if( (p = theObj.indexOf("?")) > 0 && parent.frames.length)
theDoc = parent.frames[theObj.substring(p+1)].document;
theObj = theObj.substring(0,p);
if(!(foundObj = theDoc[theObj]) && theDoc.all) foundObj = theDoc.all[theObj];
for (i=0; !foundObj && i < theDoc.forms.length; i++)
foundObj = theDoc.forms[theObj];
for(i=0; !foundObj && theDoc.layers && i < theDoc.layers.length; i++)
foundObj = findObj(theObj,theDoc.layers.document);
if(!foundObj && document.getElementById) foundObj = document.getElementById(theObj);

return foundObj;

function showHideLayers(brands,'','show',services,'','hide',liability,'','hide');
var i, visStr, obj, args = showHideLayers.arguments;
for (i=0; i<(args.length-2); i+=3)
if ((obj = findObj(args)) != null)
visStr = args[i+2];
if (
obj =;
if(visStr == 'show') visStr = 'visible';
else if(visStr == 'hide') visStr = 'hidden';
obj.visibility = visStr;
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1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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