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hidden file

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Does Microsoft have a hidden file within computer that logs every thing that is done or seen on that computer? If so how do i get to it and read it?
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No. You have to install special software to do that, although there are individual things you can look at such as History, which will tell you what links were visited.

A few are covered here:
There are hidden files named index.dat that will keep a history of where you've been on the net. There is a nice little free tool called Spider that allows you to see the contents and clean them if necessary.

You can get Spider here.
Bryan i used spider but there was nothing there, i know every thing has been deleted and system restore has been used a few times. Ihave tryed an un delete program but the results were very poor. Any ideas on how to find it all? Thanks to all who have tryed to help.
Just what are you looking for? If the computer has been reinstalled several times, you'll never find out exactly everything that has ever been done on the computer in the past.
Max19 i am looking for past internet use. I know nothing about computers but realise their complexities, which leads me to think that i must be able to find the information some where. Any ideas?Finding some of the information would be better than nothing. Thanks for checking in on my post again.
If the PCs hardrive was formatted and Windows was reinstalled, then your not going to find anything from the past. Unfortunately it's gone and you won't be successful recovering any of it at this point.
Bryan I am really going to show my ignorance now but is that what Windows system restore does, reformat the disk and reinstall Windows? All I know is that the things have been deleted in the ordinary Windows way and system restore has
been used a few times. Does that make it impossible to find?
:( That's so frustrating!
If you want to sell your PC and make sure no one does an unerase on it the I would take off every thing but windows and run one of these programs here.,10150,0-10001-103-0-1-7,00.html?tag=srch&qt=delete&cn=&ca=10001
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