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I have a Sony VAIO. I enabled hibernation in Power Management. However, it does not work as it should. It seems to hibernate, but then immediately comes back on.
And before anyone thinks I confused standby with hibernate...I didn't. And my hands never touch the mouse or keyboard.
Anyone experience this?
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If you have gaurddog installed see this articleGaurddog

If you only have 64meg of ram see this article Low memory
Neither of these cases apply.
Just a thought. I think that some screen savers will stop the hibernate mode. Also any program that monitors the modem or network card. Try turning off any screen saver you have and end task (Ctrl,Alt, Del) on any running programs (except for explorer and systray) and see if it will work.
I am not at that computer right now, but here is some more info.
The screen saver is not set to kick in for at least 30 minutes.
The computer is hooked up to a network through a router, but it should still be able to hibernate.
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