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First of all, hi! :D
I'm new here and I'll probably be posting lots of questions...hopefully my stay here will increase my knowledge of computers. I have a feeling that I'll lots to learn from you all but please bear with, me I might get annoying (I tend to ramble...) lol...:p

Long Post Warning:
Please try and read through it all lol... Or just pick a paragraph and help me with it, every paragraph is a different problem so, yeah... Thanks in advance!

Now for my questions:
A few weeks ago I trashed my old computer, turns out that I burned out my processor...T_T don't ask, long story... Anyways so we decided to get a new one instead of replacing the processor, the comp. was getting old anyways and it's near boxing day XD. So we got a cheap one, a pretty good deal too I think, even though I never heard of such a brand... Here's what we got:

Xplio 1090 DE Desktop (I don't even know how to pronounce it...-_-)
-Windows XP Home Service Pack 2B
-Intel Pentium D 805 Dual Core 2.66GHz 2MB
-512MB DDR2 533MHz 240 pins
-250GB 7200rpm 8MB SATA II
-DVD+R/-R Burner 16x dual
-Memory card reader 3.5" 7 in 1

It came with a:
-Canon Pixma MP160 All in One
-D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router
-Logitech QuickCam Chat
...for free! :cool: :up:

So, first of all, can anyone tell me if this is this a good deal?

Secondly, the old computer that I broke still has useable parts, like the motherboard - I don't know if it still works, how can I check for this?

The old MOBO is a ABIT IS7 series and the new one is a EliteGroup RC410L/800-M. I want to know which one is better, but personally I like to old one better for some reason... I actually wanted to move everything in the new computer into the old comp. tower lol, but I'm not stupid enough to actually do it, plus I don't think processor's heat sink will fit, the old one's rectangular and the new one's round in shape.

Anyways, for the new computer, I reformatted it right away so that I could partition the hard drive. I heard that with a partitioned drive the computer will run faster, or at least has some benefits, can someone tell me more about this? And Is this a bad idea? Or is there any way for me to partition without formatting?
I then re-installed all the drivers. This new computer comes with a motherboard CD, so everything I need should be in it. But now it still looks like the video and audio drivers are not properly installed. The menu buttons like File, Edit, etc, etc...turn white after I hover my mouse over it. And for some reason now the built-in speakers of my monitor won't work anymore, I'm not sure if it has to do with the computer but I would like to find out why and hopefully fix it.

Also, the new computer comes with integrated ATI Radeon graphics, but I have ASUS Radeon 9600SE Graphics card (btw, is this graphics card good?) in my old computer that still works, can I put that into my new computer? If yes, anything important I should know before doing so?

Another thing, the keyboard that comes with the new computer is screwed up, some of the symbol keys like the '/' and '\' keys come up as 'a's and 'e's with french can I fix this? Btw, it's a "MCK-800/USB Multimedia Keyboard".

Are Canon All-in-One's good? Compared with HP and Lexmark, which is the best? Just curious, since personally I think Canon's are the best but friends don't agree.

I'm currently using a D-Link DI-524 wireless router with wireless USB adapter for my two computers, but compared to the "D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless G Router", which one is better? If the WBR-1310 is better, I'm not sure it will work with my current wireless USB adapter, can anyone confirm this?

Questions for my other computer, a Sony Vaio PCV-RS712

I'm planning on formatting it soon 'cause it's getting slow. But, since this computer doesn't require a recovery CD to be formatted... how do I partition the hard drive?

I know that I can't put my 256MB RAM from the broken computer into the new I just got, but I'll have to check to see if I can put it in this one. If I can, where should I put it, right now memory is like this:

|| ||
|| ||
|| ||

The green lines represents a 256MB RAM occupied slot. If I could add the old RAM in, should I put it in like so? (Red being where I should put the old RAM in):

|| ||
|| ||
|| ||

Questions for Anti-Virus/Spyware/Adware Programs
I still have no idea which or what combinations of Anti-Virus/Spyware/Adware programs are the best, suggestions please?

Current;y I use:
-AVG Free
-AVG Anti-Spyware
-Ad Aware
-Spybot S&D

Btw, for the new computer, I installed the above programs before I connect to the internet, and after getting updates for all the programs online, scans show tracking cookies already! I transferred some from the old hard drive into the new one, does this have anything to do with the tracking cookies?
This also happens on my other computer, these tracking cookies come up in every scan, how do I get rid of them?

That's it from me...for now =P. Wow, I typed a lot...I'm very sorry for making such a long post, and it's my first post too!

Hopefully I'll get many responses, again sorry for the long post and thank you very much to those who replies and those who took time to read my post, I appreciate it!
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