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It used to be that I could go to my User control panel and see my friends who were online,,,,I chose those people and some of them chose me but irregardless I could see them there. I understood the way they explained things,,they took time to make it clear,, so when I saw them I would go and see what they were interested in, read the thread and since the communication was clear enough to me to understand I learned from that gone now? I know how to go and read what anyone is doing,,I'm asking a basic question.
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I seen another place some where that I think was something like we had before here but I can not find it here.
Has to be here hiding some place because I see it once after the upgrade.
I am not talking about Buddy / Ignore Lists either.
OK I just found it.
Go up to the Quick Links and down to "Open Buddy List" and a box pops up. :)
Thanks Hewee,,have a super evening.
Your welcome :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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