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I just got a new Dell computer that shipped with WIndows ME...I installed win2k on it and the new geforce 2 drivers for win2k and now I am getting a blue screen right after the win2k startup screen loads. Then my computer restarts!. Help, what can I do?
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your best bet is to boot into safe mode and then remove the video drivers.

reboot and see if that is what caused it. If you don't get the blue screen again, then you know it is the video card. Then try going to their website and getting the latest drivers for 2000.
I get the same error even if I boot into safe mode...any other ideas?
let me see....

check the hardwar compatibility list to make sure that all of your hardware is supported by 2000.

if that doesn't work, then I would suggest a complete re-partition, and fdisk the master boot record (fdisk /mbr) and format.

it might have been just a bad install.
If this helps, the most I can read out of this error screen because it so fast is:


Or some such deal. Any ideas? Maybe I can reinstall windows from dos? What!
ok if you think thats needed...But can I just reinstall windows over the current one? OK so....How would I go about formating and then reinstalling windows. Can you give me all the commands? Thanks man!
Also, since the compputer worked fine with WIN ME maybe Ill just use that... Now the compputer dual boots but when I try to run ME its says its missing a file: msdos7\system\vmm32.vxd . Maybe that helps. Willa clean reinstall help that. HELP!!!! If I cant get 2k to work at least help me get ME!!!! I need something...
What I would first do is boot off the ME cd and start computer with cdrom support. and then at the command prompt type fdisk /mbr

Boot from the win 2000 cd and it should automatically start the setup, or will ask you to press any key to boot from CD....

then go through the setup and when the screen comes up showing the partition table, delete every partition you see and create new ones. Then the next screen, choose to either format using NTFS (recommended) or FAT32.

Then install. Should be that easy.

Hope it works for you!
how do i boot off the me cd? Then after I do that, your saying I do the same thing for the 2k cd and then i just set it up?

How would I do it, if I dont want to install 2000, if I just wanted ME?
considering i wouldn't recommend Me, but it's your call.

if you want me, then go here

This will show you how to format the drive

Also, to boot off the cd, you should be able to just insert the cd into the cdrom drive and then reboot the computer.

once you reach the command prompt type fdisk /mbr

do you know how to partition the drive?
you wouldnt reccomend ME? I personally have 2k on my own compouter but this new one shipped with ME... Does all software work with ME work with 2k? Also, I think the crash was caused by the 2k drivers I downloaded from so.... Plus I only get support from dell if I have the original software on the comp.

How bout if i puut both on the computer, in a dual boot....I would just ibnstall me first and then 2k right? Would those need to be on separate partitions? How do you partition? Thanks man KI know this is a lot but help is greatly appreciated.
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