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Help with setting up java to run .jar program on windows 10

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I have been trying to install and correctly set up JDK on my pc (including all the variables). The app I would like to run is Sony's Theme Creator but it no longer has human support so I cannot fix the issue I am having with them.

When I want to open the .jar file after having installed the JDK (latest version : ), JDK does not show up in the possible apps.

Theme Creator link : . Could someone with knowlegde of java please give me a step by step guide to installing the correct java, setting it up and then running the Theme Create through java. I have no previous experience with java and I have just tried my best using YouTube!

Also, I'm not sure if the .jar file is an archive or an actual program : please could someone help me?

Thanks so much in advance :)
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I don't own an Sony Xperia devices so the only thing I can do is point you to a page with links.
I could not get this to run with the JDK you pointed to, the window would close with a java error.

I could run it with the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) from here:

Get the Windows x64 one (if you have win 10 64-bit)

Win 10 has screwed up associating JAR files with Java. Try instead creating a shortcut to your java.exe file (in C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_261\bin). Put the shortcut in the same folder as the .jar file. Then right click on the shortcut, select Properties. On the Shortcut tab, add this to the very end of the Target line:

-jar theme-creator-v2_0_1.jar

And change 'Start In' to the path where the JAR file is.

Then double click the shortcut to run Theme Creator.
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