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Hi all,

I seem to have a really weird problem with Incredimail. I've bought it, and I have to say that Incredimail support has TRIED to be helpful, but they seem to really be stumped.

I've used Incredimail for more than a year, and I never had any problems with it. Recently, I upgraded my computer. I got a new hardrive and had Window XP Pro installed on it with a new motherboard and faster processor. Since I re-installed Incredimail (downloaded a fresh Incredimail, I didn't transfer the old one) There has been a very strange problem with the skins. It's very difficult to describe, so I've attached a couple of screen shots of what is going on.

Now, when I first turn the program on, it looks like this, then I go and select a NEW skin, apply it, and it is fine, until I open one of the options that I haven't used yet, they look weird too, until I've used them. The skin will stay normal, until the Incredimail window is closed and then re-opened. If I leave it just reduced in the toolbar, it will stay okay, but if it is closed or when I first open it, I have to fix it again. Very annoying. The rest of the Incredimail works fine, but this skin thing is quite irritating and has us stumped.

I love using Incredimail, it's always been very enjoyable, and I'd like to keep it, but not if I have to fix this bug every single time!

Thanks for any help!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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