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Help with IF then Roundown formula

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I have two cells, cell #1 contains my calculated value, and cell #2 has a formula to round down cell #1 to the nearest 99. This works well when cell #1 and cell #2 are not the same, but when they are the same, it still rounds down but I'd like cell #2 to stay the same as cell #1, and not round down.

Cell #1 Cell #2
$6632 $6559 This is ok
$6199 $6099 This is not ok, I would like this to remain $6199

I tried coming up with a formula, but can't get it to work.
These are my attempts:

Can someone please help me out?

Thank you so much,
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Am I safe to assume you are using some version of MS-Excel and not some other spreadsheet program?

If so, the explanation of what you want your results to be is confusing. It sounds like you wish Cell #2 to contain a rounded down calculation of cell # 1 to the nearest $99, yet you say $6632 rounded down to a value of $6559 is OK. I would think that $6632 rounded down to the nearest $99 would be $6599. Please clarify.

I also do not see how MS-Excel would accept either formula that you said you tried. The number of closing parentheses does not exactly match the number of opening parentheses. It would also appear that you may be attempting to use a formula in a cell that uses the value in that same cell. As far as I know, that is not permitted in MS-Excel.

I did try one formula based on your original round to the next lowest 99 value requirement. With the pre-rounding value in Cell A1, putting this in cell B1 should do that;

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Thank you so much for your reply and formula!
Yes, I'm using Excel.
Yes, that was a typo, I should have written $6599.
And your formula works great, exactly what I was trying to do.
You saved me so much time, I appreciate your help very much!
Thanks again and Happy New Year!
You're welcome!

My mind reading ability on this site usually fails. Glad I got it right this time.
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