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Help with excel PMT and Average

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Hi all I am using Excel and i am trying to work out how to do the following:

I am doing a Excell excersize for college (to be handed in when we return) and I have to use the 'PMT' function to calculate the monthly repayments of a loan in the spreadsheet - How is this done. MS Online does'nt seem to be very helpful :S

with my calculations () It has came up with -£132 per month as payment which is obviously not right can anyone advise on the formula I shound be entering the spreadsheet states:

Loan amount £10,000
No. of Years 10
Annual interest rate 10%
Monthly repament = ?

The other problem with another spreadsheet i am having is I don't know how to get the average of something AND round it to the nearest whole number can anyone advise on how this would be done ?

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Hi there again everyone ) I managed to with help here and learning about the functions I managed to get this paper done :) Glad theres a site for things like this don't know what I would have done otherwise.

and as for the query about whether or not I am allowed to as for help I found out about this and It is ok for me to receive advice and explanations as long as it isnt blatently just being done for me.
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