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Help with choppy GUI boxes!!

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need help! Like seriously..

My pc specs are..
windows 10pro
asrock 970m pro3 Motherboard
32gb pc1866(I think) Gskills Ram,
AMD FX8370 Blaxk Edition CPU (not overcooked)
EVGA 8gb Nvidia GTX1080 GPU
43" Samsung 4k UHD Screen

The Issue..
last week my pc did and update I can't remove. I have even tried to reinstall windows plus all my drivers and still getting the same issue which I did not have prior to the June 2018 or May 2019 update.
the problem is the GUI boxes for most programs (mainly set up files and install files) are super glitched out and look choppy. like the lines are in all the wrong places. I will include some picture examples.
Excuse the bad quality..

Not sure if the first two will load. But the last one qhile not mine is what I am having issues with.
My screen is set to 225% under display just so my icons and stuff arent super tiny on screen.
However it has been set to that for over 5 months and I did not start having this problem until this week.
Thanks so much for your help
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Seems like a graphics driver problem. Go to the GPU's web site and find the latest driver.
Fresh driver install on that, I even tried reinstalling windows fresh.
I grabbed the newest Nvidia drivers for it as well as installing all drivers an sofware that came with my graphics card (updated those as Well)
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32 GB(8 GB X 4) DDR3-1866 RAM (overclocked)

ASRock 970M Pro3 Motherboard

(These are the specs that you listed in post #1 for your computer)


What's the brand name and model number and wattage of the power supply unit in your computer?

Samsung has several models for their 43" 4K UHD televisions.
Which one do you have?

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Power Supply
Evga SuperNOVA G2 850watt 80+ Gold
Samsung NU6900 43" 4k smart

Not sure if it makes a difference but..
Using a Rosewill Nighthawk Case
1x Seagate 1tb 7200rpm hdd
1x Seagate 4tb 7200rpm Hdd
Windows is on a 200gb partition of the 4tb hdd.
Been set up that way for a year or two.

Graphics card
Correction on ram, its 1600 not 1866
Though I have never clocked it over 1444mhz
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Samsung NU6900 Smart 4K UHD 43" TV
It has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 and has 2 HDMI connectors.

I have no experience with using a computer with a large flat-screen television(especially a large UHD model), so I'll pass to lunarlander or someone else who has.

I am going to hook it up to my old 22 2k monitor tonight when I get home see ofnit still does that. If so.. At least i will know it isnt that it doesnt like the tv. If that fixes it.. Well guess i will have to down
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