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Help With Building New Pc

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I just put together a PC with these components:
Gigabyte 8i945-pl-g
pentium d 920
1 gigabyte (512 x2) IBM PC3200 ddr2 memory non ecc
PNY Geforce 7600gt PCIe
Writemaster DVD/RW
Maxtor 9 GB ATA HD With Windows XP Pro SVP 2 already installed

Now everything is brand new except for the hard drive. The 7600gt video has two dvi outs so I bought a vga converter so I can use my monitor with it.
Now Everything seems to work when I turn the pc on, but for some reason the monitor doesn't show anything. What is going on? I know it is not the monitor because it works on other systems I am running. Do I need to install some different video drivers before I can use this video card? Thanks for the help.
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Hmm....odd. Do you get anything at all? No BIOS etc?

Have you tried booting in safe mode at all? I say this, because sometimes graphics cards will default to a refresh rate too high for a monitor to handle, especially older monitors. I mean, mine is only 3 years old, but can't handle 85Hz, only up to 75Hz. So, starting in safe mode will only load basic graphics drivers, and set the refresh rate quite low.....especially as you are booting from a pre-loaded XP...which will probably need a repair BTW, at the very least. Also, it will need the mobo chipset drivers installed for the new motherboard...which could also stop the vid card working I guess...but it should still work as a basic card...otherwise you wouldn't be able to install

If it's not that, then remove and reseat the Graphics card. Might just need that.

cHiNtOfIsT said:
Since it is a new mobo should I install windows again so the drivers are configged correctly?
To be honest, yes. I'd never trust an old install on a new machine...just 'cause of the errors you WILL get once you get it running. If I were you, I'd rebuild the old machine, back-up any files you want to keep, and start again.

As for the vid card, yes, might be an idea to try another one...however, you said the machine doesn't post, which would indicate some sort of problem. So, before messing with another card, just try CPU/Vid-card/1 stick Ram to boot it, with nothing else, including cd and HD, installed or connected. See if it posts then. If so, then add one item at a time until it fails again. Also, while I think of it, are you sure the mobo is not shorting out on the case? I'd recheck everything again if it is not even passing post etc.....

No, I mean is the mobo touching the case anywhere? Are the mounts correct etc....

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