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Help with an old iomega file?!

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Hello XP fans!
My friend found an old iomega backup file with the extension .1-Step
I am looking for anyone who might have an older machine (Win XP or even earlier) as well as a ZIP or JAZ drive from iomega with functioning software. I know this is a longshot, but I'm just hoping there's someone out there on one of these forums that can help in any way.
I appreciate any tips you can offer.
Thanks all!
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Help in what way? It would be useful if you stated exactly what you need help doing.
Sorry if this wasn't clear. The .1-Step file is an archive containing a Word doc and maybe some other files. We need to restore it, or unpack it, or un-1.Step it ;)
Because it is so old, and iomega is gone, the software doesn't work on modern machines and it also doesn't work without an iomga drive. So, we need someone who has an older (Win 7 or XP should do the trick) machine AND an iomega drive that is functioning. I hope that makes more sense! Thanks!!
Thanks for the clarification. That's what I thought but we don't permit this kind of assistance. All we can do here is help with suggestions that can be carried out on the boards.
Oh, okay. Can I ask then if anyone has any idea where to find people with older machines? I've been calling all over and posting in forums just trying to get an idea where to look/who to talk to.
I'm sorry but that involves putting you in contact with individuals and we have no idea whether or not they can be trusted which is the reason why we insist that all assistance be done on the boards.

HaVe you tried some computer shops?
or a library.
I totally understand. I have been calling around. I found one place in NC that might, but I'm traveling in South America now, and in these smaller cities, there aren't really any decent shops. I'll be looking when I get to bigger cities though. I actually haven't live in the states for a very long time, so I'm not even sure how to find these types of shops anymore (I found the one in NC by total luck, but it's been 5 days with no word). Any tips?

I really appreciate it!

A library is a great idea, too! I'll call some libraries as well.
Thanks for understanding and to prevent any individuals from offering private services I'm going to close this thread now.
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