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Help with an aftermarket GPU cooler.

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Hi my fan died on my GPU so I replaced with an aftermarket cooler (ARCTIC Accelero L2 Plus). The cooler has a 3pin and 4pin connector, can I connect one connector to the card and one to the PSU using the adaptor at the same time?

The reason I ask is because when the fan is connected to the GPU the fan doesn't work. When the fan is connected to the PSU using the adaptor it works fine, but I'm unable to view/control fanspeed.

GPU is a GTX650ti


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Yes, you can connect directly to the PSU, but it you cannot view/control fan speed with that method. If connect through PSU, you do not need to connect to video card. But it is possible that the fan power connector on your video card is not working.

Does your video card have a power connector? I searched and saw some models have it and others don't. If it has one, did you reconnect it.
The GPU has its own power supply and yes it was reconnected.

I've currently got it connected to the PSU and the fan is working. I was more concerned on what controls the fan speed when the GPU is being used under a heavy load, it's my understanding that the GPU would normally control this, but as it's not connected to the GPU I can't compare the fan speed to the temperature of the card. Thanks for the reply.
Since it is connected to the PSU, the new fan will always blow at the maximum speed at which the fan is rated.
Thank you. I was worried I was going to melt my card, the new cooler is so much quieter than my old one.
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