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HELP!!!SeekSeek parasite!!!

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Hi, i'm new here..I really need your help guys..My comp was full of spyware, so I downloaded ad-aware and spybot s&D. Most of it is gone..I tried with Spyhunter too..the SeekSeek parasite remains..but I can't fix it with spy hunter cos its not free..adaware and spybot donot seem to detect this parasite..could someone pleeeease help me here..I need to get rid of it..its messing up my comp..I have also tried spysweeper..but it seems pretty useless..:confused:
thanks sooo much,
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I posted a hijackthis log and questions a few days ago and no one has replied. the following is related to that post, so if this piques your interest and you'd like to take a look i'd appreciate it.

as mentioned in my earlier post, i had downloaded the free spyhunter weeks ago and it also showed seekseek. i also did not want to buy spyhunter, so searched the internet for instructions on how to remove seekseek. what I found gave instructions for removing specific files and changing specific registry entries. I did not have any of these files or entries on my computer, leading me to believe that spyhunter was mistaken and probably intentionally giving a false alarm in order to sell their software.

the post above tends to confirm that suspicion.

last week, based on info here, i downloaded ad-aware, ran it, and removed what I think were some dialers inadvertently downloaded while surfing. ad-aware did nto show me having seekseek. i also have webroot spyseeker, which has never shown seekseek.

today i updated ad-aware, scanned again, and lo and behold it showed the spy hunter software as undesirable, calling it a data miner. so i deleted spy hunter.

it appears ad-aware has concluded that no only is spy hunter ineffective but is a form of spyware (malware? I'm not sure I've got the terminology down yet) itself.

anyone else have the same experience? i'd like to know, and I am posting this for general info.
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