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Help problem

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hey... i got a problem
i recently uninstalled some games adn software which i dont play anymore including netlimiter

and when i restarted i could connect to the internet but like my computer cant recognize that i am online

as in messenger, ie , firefox, etc all dont connect

i called my isp and they say that they can see that i connected to the internet
iso i cant be my internet access and my sisters pc also is connected to my modem and she can use the pc fine...

i think it has something to do with netlimiter but when i install it again my internet connects as usual but messenger still cant connect but it does automatically try to connect as in the two msn people change color ... but without netlimiter they dont even move i just get the error '80072ee7'

plz help
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Do you have Zone Alarm ? if so read this forum,click on everything in blue
nope no zonealarm
no firewall at all
and i am using windows xp sp1
Im pretty sure that you will have to download lspfix from here and enter this nl-lsp.dll to fix your problem
i d/led that program but when i opened it nl-lsp.dll wasnt there because i un-installed netlimiter
nah the problem is not just with msn... its with all my internet related stuff... its like something is not lettig me send or receive any data
like a firewall i cant see.....

and also i tried uninstalling the network components in the add/remove programs and i reinstalled them and now whenever i restart my pc the taskbar doesnt load... as in my mouse becomes the hour glass when i put the pointer over the taskbar and the taskbar doesnt load i have tried waiting for a few hours but it still doesnt load the taskbar....

what is this weird problem
i also just realised that my svchost was using more than 90% of my cpu usage..

this is why my taskbar doesnt load properly...

and i cant even end the process because an error comes up saying access denied...

I have the same big problem you do. i am connected to the internet, i can use my IE , but i just can't recieve data for softwares like msn messenger, yahoo messenger, Putty.exe , can't even listen to songs from the internet.

I have accessed my PC remotly yesterday so i dont know if i did something wrong throu that ..i just don't know.. someone heeeeeeeeeelp me plzzzzzzzz
patit0x and mohsh2002 .....You cannot post problems into someone elses thread as it causes confusion in answering,you both need to start new threads by clicking on NEW THREAD top left,then posting your problem not forgetting to add what operating system you have .....
peetal I think its about time you went here and downloaded hijackthis to its own folder in somewhere like for instance My Documents then posting the log back here for analysis .......
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