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I've created a Cheque Issuance Database which keeps track of all cheques issued for different programs that are running. My table contains the following info (program name, payee,check number, cheque date, cheque amount and status).

In my Form, I've created an Option Group for the Status so the user can select whether the cheque is Oustanding, Cleared or Voided.
In my Table:
1 represents Oustanding
2 represents Cleared
3 represents Voided

I'm trying to set up ONE report which will provide me a summary of the following information for each Program cheques have been issued for:

Total cheque Amount - Outstanding
Total cheque Amount - Cleared
Total cheque Amount - Voided

It's OK if I can do the report of one program at a time.

Help me on that one. I don't know where to begin. Can I use the Query Builder?

Thank you so much.
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You will have to use a query to filter out the status. Do you want this to be on a per account can set up the report based on the query and have it show a line for each account with the different status and totals for each.
Create a query using Design view and pull the following fields into it:

Status, Amount

Go ahead and run the query by hitting the ! on the toolbar and make sure you're getting your data. Go back to design view.

On the menu, choose Query, then Totals.

You'll have a new row across your query columns called "Group by".

On the Totals column, choose the group-by dropdown and put Sum.

Save your query.
Create a report using the report wizard and choosing your query as the source, and choose grouping to be by the Status field.

I think I've written this right! I hope so!
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