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help me!!

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if anyone knows any thing about Adobe Photoshop please help me.... heres my problem....
All my photoshop .jpeg files got converted to .vbs(vector based scripts i think) files some how(i have no clue how), and now they dont show up in adobe when i want to open a file, they dont show up in windows explorer, and now i am getting a bunch of strange java script erros in windows... i am very confused, if anyone has any advice id greatly appreciate it. thanks.
also if you need more info i can explain the problem better.
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You have a virus. Go here and run an online virus scan. Once you get this resolved, make sure to always have your antivirus software running and keep the virus definition files up-to-date.

You've got a vbs virus.

Have your computer scanned on line ASAP at Trend Micro HouseCall

Good luck,
ok thanks alot for the help... i was afraid it would be a virus but what can ya do, but thanks again.
and im guessing my images are lost too, right?
and im guessing my images are lost too, right?
"i was afraid it would be a virus but what can ya do"

You can get anti-virus software immediately, install it, and update it daily. Some people never get viruses on their computers (myself included). It's very avoidable.

Before you do anything else with your computer, you have to remove the virus. Depending on which one it is, you may have infected all your friends through e-mail. You may need to contact them to let them know.
Yea i know that i have to get an anti-virus(thats not what i meant when i said what are ya gonna do) ... i have mcafee now it came with my computer but i cant update the virus scan and mcafee isnt very good overall so im in the process of getting norton 2002.

Do a scan here:

and also you may want to download Startup Log from here:

Install and run it, allow for the DOS window to close, then copy/paste the list here.


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Go here and they have programs like Vcleaner, JPG File Recovery and others.

Never used them so can't help you on it but they do have a forum there also.
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