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Help me like Quickbooks

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So I have recently migrated over from Wave Accounting,, to Quickbooks Pro Plus 2016, desktop version.

There were pros and cons to What I liked most about was the ability to snap a photo of your receipt on your mobile phone. You have the ability to select the Vendor, the chart of account you wanted it to affect and then also you specify how you paid for the merchandise. A transaction is created automatically and a picture of the receipt is automatically attached. The only other time you must deal with that transaction is when you reconcile.

With Quickbooks... the process that I have found is much more involved and drawn out.

I purchased a Fujitsu scanner, thinking it would help emulate the process that I was used to.
In the Fujitsu software I scan the image, specify the vendor and accounts and transfer the transaction to QB. I also have the option to export the image which would allow me to manually attach the image to the transaction in QB. I then go in to QB and find the transaction as a bill. Then I have to pay the bill, basically specify how i paid for the merchandise and then I can reconcile at the end of the month when I receive the statement.

Is there any way to stream line this process?

Has anyone found a way utilize their mobile phone to enter in transactions in Quickbooks Desktop?

I can't wait to hear some feedback and ideas, thanks in advance.
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Have you tried Intuit support? You have at least some free tech support with them and it seems to me they would be the best ones to analyse your situation and give you options.
I know you have bought Quickbooks but have you considered cloud-based apps like Xerobooks?

I am using Quickbooks at the moment and absolutely hate it's bugginess. It used to be a great product but not

And remember, desktop-bound applications are so 1980's!
yes, they work but there are so many variables that can knock them out for six !
i hate the fact that they are essentially "tied" to a particular system and if there is a problem with the system there is
a knock-on effect all applications on that system.
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