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Help - Macro to insert/copy another file into a word doc?

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So basically I'm very new to macro and have no idea!

My boss has asked me to find a way to make a word document do the following:

Have a check box to click - when clicked this will copy in a bunch of text from another document saved on our server/(insert text from file). Then when unchecked it will go away.

I have tried everything and it just wont work.
Does anyone have any ideas? Is this even possible?

Any help is appreciated!
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Would be much easier in Excel if that is any use? Word VBA is very challenging I find.
Yes word macros seem to be challenging. Just say NO!

Typical boss crap. Copy and Paste is beyond his position! If you did succeed someone would move the documents and it would quit working. Could start with a template document that has the desired text and if you don't want it delete.

Using Mail Merge to insert text into a document may be an option, depending on what actual purpose is.
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