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This slightly spooky-looking doll is helping staff at a Fleetwood nightclub raise funds for ou campaign to send little Leah Garfitt on a dream holiday to Disneyland, Florida.
Fred Riley, boss of Rafters on London Street, is holding a "guess the doll's name" competition to raise funds towards the Leah Garfitt appeal.
Leah, aged six, suffers from the rare condition Niemann Pick Disease type C and already has problems with her eyesight and her co-ordination.
But in future years it is likely her condition will deteriorate, and mum Lindsey Paterson, 24, anticipates Leah will develop swallowing problems, seizures and may eventually lose the ability to walk.
Many sufferers of this condition do not live long,
with some dying while still only in their teens.
Lindsey, who herself suffered a brain tumour two years ago and still needs treatment after an operation, is trying to raise funds to send Leah and the family on holiday to Disneyland in Florida - while little Leah is well enough to enjoy it.
Fred said: "When I read about that little girl I wanted to help.
"This doll had been stuck on our outside balcony for more than six months, but a few weeks ago she mysteriously ended up on the ground outside our front door.
"One of our female customers brought her in, and now the doll's behind the bar and customers can help Leah by guessing her name."
Punters can enter the fun by paying a small donation and registering their chosen name at the bar.
Fred, whose club opens each night from 9.30pm until late, added: "This doll scares me to death - but if she helps Leah, she's doing a good job!"

Halloween Party @ London Street Hostelry.

FLEETWOOD'S Wyre Light pub is playing host to a Halloween charity night to support the Leah Garfitt fund.

The London Street hostelry is staging a spooky children's party on Wednesday October 31, from 5pm until 7.30pm.
There will be a fancy dress competition, party games and raffles during the party.
Tickets cost £2 and for every one sold, £1 will go to the Leah fund.
They can be bought at the pub in advance or parents can pay at the door on the day.
The ticket price includes a free party bag, chocolate bananas and spooky jelly.
Meanwhile, Fleetwood Bowling Club have raised more than £600 for the appeal from their big charity night.
The event featured live music from Monkberry and a host of other activities on the night.
It was co-ordinated by bar manager Andrea Condron, who wanted to help after hearing about the planned Disney holiday for Leah.

Lindsey Patterson and her daughter Leah Garfitt, who suffers from Niemann-Pick Disease.
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