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Help! Hotmail account--contents disappeared

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I opened my hotmail inbox, and saw the contents for a split-second, then they all disappeared. I then opened my saved messages folder to make sure those contents didn't go anywhere, and they too disappeared after seeing them for a split-second.

I have signed onto the account within thirty days, so I know this isn't the cause.

This has happened more than once, and the third time it happened it couldn't have had more than ten e-mails in it, so I know it wasn't being cleared out for size reasons.

My sent-mail folder didn't disappear though. All my old sent-mail is still there.

This has only happened recently, but has happened now like three times.

I received an e-mail saying my account was too large a day after it happened, so I'm hoping that my e-mail is still somewhere that I can't find. It is definately not in any of my hotmail folders though, and I didn't transfer it to my desktop, so I am at a loss for finding it.

In the meantime though, I had some really important e-mails that are now gone, and I'm really ufcked. Someone...please help!!!!
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Hiya and welcome

Is this a web based account or Outlook Express? Also, if its the latter, which version is it?

If its Outlook, lets have a look.

First off, I advise a virus scan, just to be sure:

Now, if all okay, lets try some settings.

Tools | options. Maintanence tab. Are any of the 3 boxes at the top checked? If so, which? These are:

Empty messages from the deleted......
Purge deleted.......
Compact messages......


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I know Hotmail is a webbased account but are you storing & receiving it on the web or in Outlook Express?

I'm like Eddie... sounds like a virus..still may be...

go scan at housecall.

Savvy :)
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