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Last week I finally decided to format my C: drive after a few bugs, etc. As a precaution, I took out my D: which has my whole life on it and continued with the reformat of a Western Digital 20g HDD.

Done with the format, I reconnected the D: exactlly the same way to find that it does not show up under My Computer. No drive letter, nothing. However, under device manager it says that there are Generic HDDs and lists the two.

Going into BIOS, it also shows that my D is there.
Running Maxtor's disk utility says the drive is fine.

Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to have my Dell Dimension 8100 recognize and assign a drive letter to this drive?

So far, I have IDE1= C: (Master) and D (Cable select/slave)
and IDE2= CD/CD-RW/A:
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