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Help connecting house ethernet to NBN and modem

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For whatever reason, nobody connected the NBN and modem to our house ethernet. I've tried a plethora of combinations of ethernet cable to modem and nbn with none of them working - I checked if the cables themselves worked.
Our NBN box was installed behind a shelf, so it's a little hard to get to but I can get to the cables fine.
The PC is in a separate room getting dismal speeds over wifi, and I cannot move it to test the modem directly, but we know the internet is working since the wifi is fine, and contacted our ISP, who said everything is fine on their end and couldn't help me further.
All I would like to do is plug my PC into the ethernet port in its room, and have it wired to the internet, but I don't know how to make the ethernet work. :( please help.

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You have a yellow cable coming out of the nbn but it is not going into the tplink
What are all the cables in the tp link
You have a yellow cable coming out of the nbn but it is not going into the tplink
What are all the cables in the tp link
The yellow cable does go back into the TPLink as the red cable (same one), into the blue port marked internet.
Other cables in TPLink: 1 black from yellow ethernet port to house ethernet port, 1 white from same ports to a net gear box (don't know what this is? Range extender maybe? It's not marked.) Then just the power cable.
How is the jack in the wall supposedly an Ethernet port wired up? Does the cable for that jack go straight to the room where the PC is or does it terminate somewhere else? What I'm getting at is many times these RJ45 jacks are not wired up for Ethernet networking. They're punched down into what's called a phone bridge at some location in the house; typically a structured wiring cabinet. Having the cabling wired this way will not work for Ethernet networking. You have to reterminate the cabling into a patch panel and then use an Ethernet patch cable to bridge the connection.
Unplug the Netgear and see if any markings under the plug.
It does look like either a range extender or a poe
What model is the TP link.
Is this a satellite or radio tower connection
Also who is your isp
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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