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After Installing cbq-0.7.2-22351cl.noarch.rpm on Linux Redhat 9 Kernel 2.4.24 #6 SMP Wed Jan 7 16:33:57 PST 2004 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux

When Trying to Start "CBQ" /etc/init.d/cbq start We get this error...

modprobe: Can't locate module sch_cbq
**CBQ: failed to load module sch_cbq

Even Though the Mod looks to be there its NOT Loading it....

[[email protected] root]# locate sch_cbq

How would a Person go about making the Kernel load the SCH_CBQ stuff???

I can Give access to the server IF NEEDED.

Thanks for your Help,
P.s. If ya can help i'll be sure to include this site in the Recorce site we are building, can't tell ya the name yet sorry its not done yet. And or i'll Donate some Cash. Thanks
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