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Help build small office network

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How do I set up? Is this correct sequence?

1. From ATT modem DSL router to
2. Ubiquiti point to point then to
3. Ubiquiti point to point then down to
4. 8 port switch, from here to
5. Ubiquiti Access points then to
6. Pc clients

What is the role of the switch here? Does it needs to be configured in desktop Pc? Does access points needs to be configured as well?

Thank you
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is this a homework question? or are you actually trying to install a network using those varying pieces of hardware. If you are actually trying to install & configure, then I strongly suggest you call an expert in now & save money and heartbreak down the line when nothing works properly or the hackers take over the network.
no its not a homework question. It is actually we will be doing. Do you have suggestions on expert to call?

I don't know where you're located but since you bought Ubiquiti equipment, you can contact Ubiquiti to see if they can recommend a partner company that specializes in deploying their equipment.
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