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Helicopter HELP Required ???

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Malta's civil helicopter service, which operates between the islands of Gozo and Malta, has to be replaced due to stricter safety regulations being enforced by the EU and Brussels.

The problem is finding a supplier of ejector seats specifically for helicopters :confused:

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks - Oldie
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Originally posted by gbrumb:
CF..........I think that oldie is pulling everyone's leg. Think about it, why would a helicopter need ejector seats. In fact, do a google search and you will find that helicopter ejector seats appears under the heading of useless inventions.
You saying that " flavoured suppositories" are not popular in the States :D
Originally posted by Moby:
I got beat to the synchronized people ejection system that would surely work (test person has a pretty crap job though), and the 'these Fokkers were Messerschmidts' stories. That's all my aviation jokes used up :rolleyes: ;)
Anyway, I thought helicopters could land quite safely if the engine cuts out, autogyration or something like that (as per sycamore seeds) where the wind resistance on the way down keeps the blades spinning with enough speed to create enough uplift to slow down the decent, so that a perfect landing can be made including triple salco with pike, without a step forward or back, on landing the helicopter throws back it's blades, beams with a smiile and 3 judges appear out of the bushes holding up cards

9 - for technical difficulty
9 - for performance
10 - for artistic impression

Or did I misread something?

I see Moby is not only poking fun at my intention to help out Air Malta with their dilemma but also my fondness for senior citizens ballet classes !!!

:eek: :p
I note Angelize is snooping around and making fun of my chopper thread and ejections

Bloody typical there's no modulator online to modulate either :mad:

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We have three of these. Made in Bulgaria 36 years ago and flown by Russian crews. Maltese flight crews won't touch them with a barge pole :eek:


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Originally posted by gws226:
Why do you need ejector seats again? Doesn't you Bulgarian helicoptors have counter-rotation too? :p
Why do we always have to add sexual innuendo to a thread that may involve life or death
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Originally posted by oldie:
I note Angelize is snooping around and making fun of my chopper thread and ejections

Bloody typical there's no modulator online to modulate either :mad:

Allow me to apologise for my Brit sense of humour, which may possibly have been misinterprated by some.

Kind regards - Oldie
Originally posted by angelize56:
Thank you oldie! :) Much appreciated! Take care. angel :)
Right - now cease forthwith thy making fun of Oldies projections ............................................. :D
Paq - cannot "quote" you here :confused:

Ya not sed owt :D


My apologies - it's off screen - bloody huge choppers :D
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