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Helicopter HELP Required ???

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Malta's civil helicopter service, which operates between the islands of Gozo and Malta, has to be replaced due to stricter safety regulations being enforced by the EU and Brussels.

The problem is finding a supplier of ejector seats specifically for helicopters :confused:

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks - Oldie
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No, Oldie: I think you are onto something, here!

Now I gather (from one of my dearest chums, ex Fleet Air Arm), who reckons that choppers are the most dangerous form of transportation ever invented!) that choppers are somewhat unsafe!

So, how about an ejector seat THAT EJECTS YOU DOWNWARDS!

The downside :)rolleyes: :rolleyes: ) is, that if you are too near the ground, then tough $hit!

Still, one can't have everything in this life, heh?

:D :D
Reminds me of the story about the Polish Fighter Pilot Ace in W II.

When being interviewed on British TV, he is asked to tell a story about a typical sortie.

"Vell, ve vas flying ower Dower und in ze mittle of ze channel, I am lookink arunt usink my mirroz, unt suddenly I see zthree Fokkers, int ze mirroz behind me!!"

The interviewer becomes a bit hot under the collar as this show is going out at 6.30 PM and Grannies and Kiddies will be watching.

So he says, " By Fokker, your are referring to the well known twin engined German fighter, aren't you?"

"Yah, zat was a werry gut plane indeed, "says the Polish ace, "But the fokkers behind me, zey were Messchersmits!"

:D :D
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1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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