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Helicopter HELP Required ???

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Malta's civil helicopter service, which operates between the islands of Gozo and Malta, has to be replaced due to stricter safety regulations being enforced by the EU and Brussels.

The problem is finding a supplier of ejector seats specifically for helicopters :confused:

Any help would be appreciated

Many thanks - Oldie
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I was under the impression, from watching Discovery channel, that the US military had toyed with the concept (blow-off rotor blades) but scrapped it for impracticality. Wasn't aware civ makers had picked up the concept?
Originally posted by gws226:
Why do you need ejector seats again? Doesn't you Bulgarian helicoptors have counter-rotation too? :p
You mean "auto-rotation"? (counter rotation is a term that only applies to more than one propeller or rotor, else what is being "countered")


So I got suckered. (and I did the search, but as I said, it is funny because of the phrase, that doesn't mean it hasn't been explored)

If you think having your wing(s) spin is a good idea, than likely you would think an ejector seat a good idea too. ;) (and a parachute, some good drugs before hand, lower synapsis count, etc., etc. )

(sorry Pave :D )
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