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HDD Locked After Power Failure

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I was running Parted Magic to 0 out my drive (planning on donating my older laptop to charity) & all of a sudden I had a power failure.

When I restarted my Laptop I was asked for a HDD password key.

Which I don't know (n) because I did not set one.

I can't even boot into BIOS to run a live O/S like ubuntu. I was thinking that'd be the easiest way to 0 out the drive, but sadly, I can't get anything to boot.

Doing some research online it seems like it's a tough fix, so I came here asking for help please.

I found this video on YouTube -->
but as mentioned in the video description, the creator is unsure if this will work for other laptops. My laptop is a asus x551M if it matters.

I tried multiple passwords like 0000 and 1111 but nothing works. I don't think Asus support will be of any help unless I pay them and I am broke right now so that's not an option.

FWIW I don't need any of the data on the drive, I just need to 0 it out before donating it to charity.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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