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Having a slight Problem

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Ever since I got DSL it's been a pain.

Files being received over MSN take forever, and they sometimes stop all together. I usually receive a lot of file transfers due to things that I do in my free time. Sending transfers isn't the problem, just receiving them.

I'm using the Zone Alarm Firewall, as I'm not too sure how to use ZyXel's for their Prestige 660W/HW series, I've made sure ZyXel's is disabled.

I've checked my security settings on the Zone Alarm, but I'm not too sure exactly what needs to be where to make this work correctly.

Internet Security Zone is set at the default High.

Trusted Zone Security is set at default medium.

MSN messenger is on an approved programs list.

If someone could help me it'd be greatly appreciated.

Heck if someone could help me set up the ZyXel firealarm if it'd be easier to use than the ZA, it'd be appreciated as well..

I'm kinda at a loss here..
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Have you tried receiving files with the firewall turned off?
Actually yea, I have. Using the windows firewall allows me to have the files transferred without a problem, but is that safe?

I -really- don't want to mess up this computer, and uhm well.. kinda afraid of doing -anything- that could possibly do so... My other computer is kinda fubarred and I don't wanna see it happen with this one.
I've never used Zone Zlarm so I'm not familiar with it - and even though the Windows firewall is very basic it's better than nothing but I wouldn't run two firewalls at once because they might conflict with each other.

If the site you are sending/receiving files to is trusted - and you are careful - I think the windows firewall will suffice.
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