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Hardware OVerlay-- Dueling Programs

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I have a Sony Vaio desktop which comes bundled with a program called Giga Pocket, allowing me to record Cable programs ala Tivo. When the program comes up, I get an error message saying: "Another application is using hardware overlay." My operating system is Windows XP. I have tried restoring to the earliest restore date, but that does not work. I have reinstalled Giga Pocket and that did not work. I can not figure how to identify the offending program, and I have so many programs on my system, that I shudder to do a reisntallation of everything.

Thoughts, suggestions, help?

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Hiya and welcome

Lets see what you have running 'behind the scenes'

Go to Run and type MSINFO32
On the left choose Software Enviroment, then Startup Programs. Copy/paste the list here.


Okay, lets see....

AGRSMMSG: IBM AMR modem driver. Keep

AudCtrl: Audio control panel? Not sure, leave

CTHelper: CTHELPER is a background task that is a plug-in manager for Creative drivers. The theory is that 3rd party manufacturers can use the CTHELPER plug-in interface to produce drivers, add-on features, and fixes that will integrate with a tighter fit with Creative’s sound drivers and utilities. Given its purpose CTHELPER would normally be classified as a "leave alone" background task.Unfortunately there are often problems with CTHELPER, most notably that it can use 100% of CPU time so it's best left disabled. Not needed.

CTStartup: Splash screen with sound on every boot up. Installed with a Sound Blaster Audigy soundcard. Not needed.

Disc Detector: For Creative sound cards. Detects when you insert a CD, DVD, etc. Not needed.

EPSON Stylus Pro 7600: Epson Stylus printer monitor - for checking ink levels, etc. Up to you

Giga Pocket Remocon Driver: This is a Sony driver for the remote control USB device to control the Giga Pocket TV software. Leave

HTpatch: HTpatch.exe is part of the SiS AGP patch - BUT unless your processor (and motherboard) supports HyperThreading (HT) and this feature is enabled it will actually SLOW your graphics card by around 6%. Up to you

Logo Calibration loader: Not sure, leave

MMTray: MusicMatch Jukebox icon in the task tray - digital music player / CD burner and ripper / music organizer / playlist creator. Not needed.

MXO Auto Loader: Maxtor includes a driver to bypass the Windows certified drivers check just when it detects an external drive. MXOaldr.exe is installed with the new driver and if disabled the button on a Maxtor OneTouch External Store no longer functions. Up to you

Microsoft Office: Resource hog that launches common MS Office components to help speed up the launch of Office programs. Some users claim there's no difference with or without it but it isn't required anyway. Different filenames used for different variants. Not needed.

NvCplDaemon rundll32.exe: Intializes the clock and memory settings on nVidia based graphics cards. Enable if you overclock your card. Up to you

RoboForm: Roboform - password manager and web form filler. Will work without this startup entry, as the "active" component is an integrated Internet Explorer browser plugin. Not needed.

STOPzilla: StopZilla! - pop-up killer. Up to you

TabUserW: Wacom pen tablet driver. Keep

Timer Recording Manager: Not sure, leave

UpdReg: Reminder to register Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live! cards. Not needed

VAIO Action Setup: Sony Vaio utility that auto-launches selected applications when you plug in a digital video camera, digital still camera, etc. via iLink (FireWire) or USB. Up to you

Washer: Windows Washer from Webroot Software. Useful utility that deletes safe to remove files, cookies, browsing history, etc. Available via from Start -> Programs. Disable within the program options - otherwise it is re-enabled in MSCONFIG. Not needed

ZTgServerSwitch: ZTGServerswitch is part of Sony's Vaio support agent - designed by Not required if the user does not wish to use the Vaio support agent and regarded as spyware

Zinio DLM: Zinio - used to read magazines in digital rather than paper format. Not needed

ezShieldProtector: Engine that allows PrimoDVD from Veritas (was Prassi) and Drag'n Drop CD from Easy Systems (and maybe others) to record and protects against other software overwriting the settings. Keep

fryHighRes: Not sure, nothing in Google on that one. Maybe untick to see if it helps, can always put it back.

frymxins: as above

mmtask: Part of MusicMatch Jukebox - digital music player / CD burner and ripper / music organizer / playlist creator. Not needed

nwiz: Associated with the newer versions of nVidia graphics cards drivers. Allows you to immensely improve desktop layouts by setting preferences and optimizations. However, this isn't necessary for the operation of your system. Not needed.

vptray: System Tray icon for Norton Anti-Virus Corporate Edition. Gives access to the options available and may not be required. Some users may have problems - refer here[email protected]

Go to Run and type MSCONFIG, startup tab. Uncheck the ones you don't want, apply and restart

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