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I currently have the following PC that I built:

PC Specs:

¤ P4 @ 2.4 GHz 533-MHz system bus
¤ 80 Gig Hardrive @ 7200 RPM
¤ Hard Drive Fans
¤ 1 Gig of DDR 2700 RAM (two sticks of 512)
¤ GeForce 4 Ti 4200P
¤ Gigabyte GA-81EXP motherboard
¤ 50x CD-Rom
¤ AHANIX Platnium XP Case w/ Digital Thermometer
¤ 400 Watt Power Supply

Input Devices:

¤ Monitor: ViewSonic A90f+ (19 inch CRT)
¤ Logitech Mx500 mouse
¤ Logitech Elite Keyboard
¤ Logitech 2.1 Speakers
¤ Plantronics Audio .90 Headset
¤ Connection: 3100kbps / 220 kbps
- ( cable)

I want to get a new motherboard (system board) that supports 3200 RAM or higher, 8x AGP, RAID, ect. I was looking at the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe ( Is this a good motherboard for a P4, or should I get a different motherboard? Any suggestions?

Once I swap out the motherboards, I need to load the new motherboard drivers to my hard drive so my USB and NIC works. But if I have the old GIGABYTE software and drivers loaded for my old motherboard on my current hard drive, would that cause any problems?

I would like to set up some sort or RAID system (is this a good idea?). What is the best raid to run or preformance? I currently have once 80 gig hard drive, and would need to get another 80 gig hard drive. Whats Sata, Serial ATA, and ATA133?

And last I would like to get a new 8x AGP card. I was looking at the 256mb ATI 9800 PROs, FX 5600 and 5900 PROs. Whats the best for the system I want to run?

Thanks! :D

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Recommend you check out this site :

As you can see I have linked to the Videocards section - here you can read reviews on all the models you cited plus all other leading brands. Additionally the site offerS downloads of various utilities for deleting all traces of existing drivers, and tools for optimising settings once you install a new card.

For user opinions on what to have in your new setup check out these sites' forums :

People at the above running many diverse systems and usually glad to swap tips with anyone interested.
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