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Hard Drive not showing full capacity

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Hello All You Lovely People Out THere :)

I have bought a hard drive to replace a faulty? (slow) The make of the one I'm replacing is a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200GB ata/133 HD (IDE connector, as I my mobo is an old one and doesn't have SATA!!!)

My new hard drive is a Western Digital WD2500 Caviar SE Enhanced IDE Hard Drive 250GB. I plugged it in and booted up and went into the BIOS settings and it only shows 136GB. I have formatted it and partitioned it and in disk management / Acronis Disk Director 10 it only shows 127.99GB!!! :confused: (it is used as a slave drive)

I have read a number of forums (solutions) but non seem to apply. I know that some 'old' mobos won't show more than 137gb but my mobo had no trouble showing up the 200gb hard drive I'm replacing, nor the 250gb primary drive. I have tried the drive in both primary and slave but the result is the same.

Does anyone have any suggestions?!

I haven't updated my bios settings.... ever!! and in case this may be the solution is there anyway of finding out what mobo I have as I didn't build my own pc, so I have no idea what mobo is in there (it's a winfast something or other)

Thanks in advance for any help given, if there's anything else you need to know, just ask. :up:
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Is the BIOS set to autodetect? If it is, try setting it to manual or "user" and putting the parameters in manually.

Use PCWizard
to find out what board and BIOS version you have.
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I think my mobo is that old it won't allow me to input the settings in manually :confused:

It's still only showing 128gb in disk management and 137gb in the bios
I would think that when you installed the old maxtor, it used a drive overlay to access the full size of the drive.
Post the exact specs on your mb and we can attempt to find out if you need a bios update. Basically if your bios has a date earlier than mid 2002 or so, it needs an update to run large hd. In addition if you run win2k, there is a reg fix that must be applied for really large drive [in addition to sp4] I do not remember the exact size however when using 500gig drive with win2k, I had to apply the reg fix.
My Mobo is a WinFast K7S741MG
below are the specs from PC Wizard:-

Manufacturer : Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Version : 6.00 PG
Date : 03/09/2005 (mm/dd/yyyy)
Address : 0x0 on 256 KB
Copyright : Copyright (C) 2003, Phoenix Technologies, LTD
Motherboard ID : 03/09/2005-SiS-741-6A7I8FK9C-00
OEM Signature : WinFast K7S741M Series 426WP234 030905
DMI Version : 2.2

I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2

If there's anything else you wanna know just ask.
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Is this a big box system ie dell, gateway, hp, etc or a custom build?

I find that part # listed under both winfast and foxconn.
If the bios date is 2005, that should be fine for lba or large hd.
It was an old custom build that I mainly use for video encoding etc....

I think it's a foxconn mobo, that's all I remember when I bought the board, and the bios, like you say should be fine for picking up large capacity hard-drives.... I just don't know why it won't show the full capapcity :confused:
Does the drive ID correctly in the bios?
Foxconn K7S741GXMG-6L ??

Maybe you need the BIOS update from 11/2005.

Description #2 mentions a fix for a large HDD issue.
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