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Appreciate your help on this one. Here's the thing.....Every now and then, and for a reason unknown to me, my 2nd hard drive disappears from my computer, and is inaccessible. Restarting solves the problem temporarily. I have found others with the same problem, and there are several solutions suggested, all of which I have tried.

First of all - Asus Motherboard, Athlon Xp 3200+, 1 gig ddr, Ge force 4, soundblaster live, maxtor 120 gig, phillips 15 gig. sony dvd re-writer, phillips dvd player. Window XP (sp2)

1. temperature - The fan on my processor is fine, and specified for the xp 3200. The fan on my graphics card is fully functioning, and there are 2 case fans (excluding the PSU fan)

2. cable - I have tried 2 different cables, and even swapped the motherboard socket I use to connect to.

3. jumper swiches - tried different combinations, matrox set to slave, other to master.

Add to this a new problem, which may provide new insight....after installing current graphics card, and sound card, (both with bang up to date drivers) while playing games - deus ex 2 - occasionally my computer suddenly flashes to the 'Windows is shutting down' screen, and is off in a flash, when I reboot, the hard drive is often missing as if that fault has triggered another fault. Rebooting again solves it.

Sorry for the length of the message, but I really appreciate help.

Read on different forum that it might help to refresh my hard disk controllers - does anyone know about this? how to do it, whether to do it etc.

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