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Hi to all,

I am just writing to give a bit of information about a cure for a problem i had with my 2 drive partitioned 27GB USB linked external hard drive.
What the trouble was, is that no matter what i tried i could not get my L:\ drive to show up in Windows Explorer.
Even though the K:\ drive would show up ok.
I spent about 10 hours trying to solve the problem.
Formatting, backing up, re-formatting and even in the end installing it in my main case to try to cure it.

And after finally giving up, i would have to accept that i could not get the L:\ drive to show in Windows Explorer.
And the only way into it was via Start/Run L:.

I remembered that somewhere in Windows XP Home, is a setting that allows you to tick which drives are active.
After another 30 minutes i discovered that my problem stemmed from TweakUI, and that the L:\ drive was not ticked.

So once that was done the L:\ drive showed up, even in My Computer as well.

I don't know if this will help anyone, but i feel that i should share this with the forum.
After all of the help that i have received in the past from everyone.


p.s. I tried to post the problem on the forum, but for some reason the page kept timing out on me whenever i tried to post it.
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