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Hard Drive Cloning Problem

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I have a problem.

I used the Western Digital Drive 2 Drive clone tool through windows. It copied all but 3 files, which the Western Digital prog said were not needed in order for the operating system to run.

So I turn off pc, remove failing hard drive, change jumpers, and set new one to main. Start up my pc, windows xp loads, and the logon screen comes up. I enter my username/password, and then it says Loading Users Settings...then it just stays on that and keeps loading...doing nothing.

So, obviously something is missing. How can I fix this? Should I just wipe the new drive and try again? Any help is appreciated, I need it for tomorrow. :(

(im back on my old, quickly dieing drive)
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Chances are that the 3 files are really not needed---hibernation file, page file, and various index.dat files, all of which will be recreated by Windows on boot.

Did you wait a good amount of time, say 5 minutes or more? Due to the new drive being installed, XP needs to reconfigure registry settings and the activation hash. This can take a while.
You must have turned off some of the eye candy and gone with the Windows 2000 logon window. I'd wait a good while for that thing to adjust to its new environment before giving up on it. It certainly isn't a taste of things to come---it won't always load this slowly. It is double-checking to decide whether you need to activate again due to hardware changes, too, as well as recreating the "missing" files.

And you're welcome. I just hope this goes as smoothly the rest of the way as it seems to have gone so far.
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