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Hard Drive Cloning Problem

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I have a problem.

I used the Western Digital Drive 2 Drive clone tool through windows. It copied all but 3 files, which the Western Digital prog said were not needed in order for the operating system to run.

So I turn off pc, remove failing hard drive, change jumpers, and set new one to main. Start up my pc, windows xp loads, and the logon screen comes up. I enter my username/password, and then it says Loading Users Settings...then it just stays on that and keeps loading...doing nothing.

So, obviously something is missing. How can I fix this? Should I just wipe the new drive and try again? Any help is appreciated, I need it for tomorrow. :(

(im back on my old, quickly dieing drive)
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:( :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad:

No I don't. So, I suppose I will do it all over again, and then write them down this time like an intelligent being would do. Psssstt lol Okay, thanks.
No, I waited around a minute - a minute and a half tops.

Dang...your was those files that Windows will recreate. However, my drive is currently formatting, so I get to wait for that to finish, and then I will clone it all over again! Hah, what a night, thank god my iPod was just updated. :D

I logged on, it said Loading Personal Settings, and then the "Loading Personal Settings" box disappeared, but the little box still stayed there loading. I knew I should have waited it out lol! That is what it should do right? Its the box that comes up after this: (couldnt find actual image of that box.)

By the way, Elvandil: I really can't thank you enough for the help you've provided me with through all of this. I really sincerely appreciate it and the time.
Sorry for not clarifying on that. It is the Windows XP equivelant of it that comes up. I didn't notice it was the Win2k version in the image, sorry.

Yeah, what I did was made the clone, shut it down, removed my failing harddrive, changed the jumpers on the new one to main, then rebooted it. Thats when it its all my old harddrive wasnt even connected to my pc.

It should run smooth as could be from now.

Almost done with the format of my new drive, then ill clone it again, and be inactive while that happens, as i dont want to mess with my machine while that goes on.
That sounds like it would work. My only problem is that my floppy drive isnt working. I may have to pick one up.

Is there an alternative? Wouldn't the drive default itself to C: once I remove the other drive? Because when I start my computer, everything comes up fine up to the login screen. I type in my username and password, it says "Loading Personal Settings..." and then that message disappears, but the box stays and is still loading. Then, about 1.5-2 minutes later, the box says Logging off... saving settings... Then takes me back to the username/password screen. Its an endless cycle. Any ideas on a resolution without a floppy? Thanks a lot!
Okay, I am going to give that a shot.

So you are saying that even if I physically disconnect the old drive and reconnect the new one as the main drive, with main jumpers, it still wont be seen as the C: drive, yet as the F: drive as it currently is even though it is the only drive connected?

Also, I am on a wireless network. However, I don't know how to make the comps see each other. And it only shows the option of connecting to MSHOME in the registry editor, but im on another network, with its own unique name that isnt shown...??

Also, the four files the program couldn't copy over are:
F:\System Volume Information\MountPointManagerRemoteDatabase
F:\System Volume Information\tracking.log
F:\System Volume

As an alternative, would I just be able to put in my Windows XP cd-rom after I remove the failing drive, and do a repair install after booting my comp to the cd-rom?

Also, last bit, my failing hard drive is C:, and the one that I just installed is seen as F:
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