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My Computer has a Promise HPT37x RAID PCI Card, with two 80GB Disks in RAID 0.
Recently, i added a seperate 120GB disk to the PCI Card, everything works fine.
However, when i try using Drive Image 2002 to backup my 80GB Disks, Drive Image would load, then it would say "Error 91: Disk Manager has been detected on drive 1, but Disk Manager is not running."
Powerquest tells me to erase the Disk Manger signature on my MBR or something (
However, the problem is solved when i remove the 120 GB hard drive from the PCI Card.
The problem is, I plan to save the image file on the 120GB disk, and now its just like a circle.
I have also tried Acronis TrueImage, but TrueImage doenst even see my HDs at all, even with the 120GB Disk unplugged.
Anyone got any idea how to fix this?
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