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Hard Disk Partition Problem

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I had partitioned one of my hard disk of 18GB
To install Linux as well a windows, and I
Could boot both of them but the Linux partition
Had taken 8 G.B so I tried to delete the partition
Having linux which is not a primary dos partition,
But when I try to delete the extended dos.partition
Through Fdisk I get a message that extended dos
Partition cannot be deleted because of logical drive
Partition again when I try to delete the logical
Partition a message saying logical dives not defined,.
I also tried to delete Linux partition trough disk druid
Screen in Linux installation but without success.
Only the primary dos partition has label, extended
Dos partition doesn’t have label.
Please suggest me how to delete the extended dos
Partition and logical drive partition in it.

Thanking You Yours Faithfully

Iftakhar Latif
[email protected]
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The only way to delete a 'rebel' partition is using a utility program, like Disk Manager. Try downloading it from Maxtor (download the Quantum version); boot from a W98 disk, and run the DiskManager, if your HD is not a Quantum, execute it with the parameter /x so it just recognize the BIOS values. Good luck.
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