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Grrrr My Mic

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First off, lets try the basics.

Go to your volume icon near your clock and rightclick. Choose Open Volume Controls. options | Properties. Tick all the boxes and then OK. Are any of the volumes muted? If so, unmute them.

If still no go, go to Control panel | Sound. Under sound tab look for MSN or ICQ. There will be entries for New Reply, etc. Is there an icon next to any of them? if not, click on the Notofy or whatever it says, then pick a sound from the drop down menu.

If there is an icon already there, it may be corrupt, so just change it to another one.

Also, is there an option in ICQ or MSN to turn the Notify off?


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I have found that sometimes when you're using a firewall your mic will be disabled in certain programs also. So if you have a firewall disable or lower the settings when you try again.

Hope thats some help

Savvy :)
nope i haven't got a firewall! and i did as ya said but it still aint workin!
Hi stuck_jo,Go to Start>settings>Control panel>Multimedia>click on the recording icon>make sure there is a check mark in the select box,and the volume slider is down.

Let us know if this works
Ok.. let me make sure Im understanding you correctly. You are still able to use the mic in some places but not others. Is that correct?
If that is so. we know your mic has not become broken,,, and your drivers possibly do not need updating, But then again with some programs you may need enhanced drivers.

I was a mplayer & now 4anything & PalTalk member. All of these programs plus the telephonys use audio.
Occasionally someone would have the same problem as I am determining you are having. If all your setting are correct ... meaning mic is muted & nothing else.... then I highly recommend this program mic enhancement. It was a Godsend in & ... audio programs.

**Andres audio commander & best of all its free.** ( AudioC )
Best of all is it has a setup on it to get the mic adjusted......... Hope this will take care of it.

Savvy :)
nope still doesnt work! but i noticed that wen i blew into the mic wen i wasnt connected to ne thing that the noise came out of my speaker!! it didnt use to do this b4 so is that ne help? also ive noticed that there is a cross nxt to the word microphone wen i try 2 use it in msn!
yes wen i try to record my voice i can hear me very it sounds very crackly! i will try that program u suggested thanks
What kind of soundcard do you have?

You may have a broken wire...we'll see after you get the audioC set up
Stuck_jo,You have to mute the microphone.Go to the volume control and make sur the microphone is muted and volume slider is half way up.Also make sure the select box as a check mark in it in recording.You can check if you have it set up right by going into sound recorder.Go to start>programs>accessories>entertainment>sound recorder>click on record(should be the red dot)when you speak into the mic you should see the green line spike.If you do the mic is set up right.

Let us know
Soemone above may have already stated this: But, if the microphone records at very low levels or not all which is what I understand here, suspect your mic...most sound boards demand the use of a good quality mic. If you have a quality mic, chances are that your recording software is not configured correctly for mic imput. Try the following: 1. Open your control panel and double click your multi media icon 2. The multimedia properioties dialog box will open. Select the audio page 3. In the recording area, make sure the volume slider is all the way up 4. Make sure the Preferred device and Preferred quality settings are correct 5. Save your changes and try using the mic again
how do i find out what sound card im using? ive downloaded the program u suggested and just waiting to try it out on sumone on my msn contact list! all the preferred settings r correct! when i try recording my voice the green line doesnt spike like it did b4 i had me windows upgraded! at the mo it just widens a tiny bit, its all crackly and it sounds like im in the backgroung cos u can hardly hear my voice!!
ok i tried it via msn and it still wont connect up! but at least now it hasnt got a red 'x' next to the word microphone on there!!
what kind of mic are you using?

Can you unplug it & replace it w/ ease? I suggest you go to the jack & make sure its plugged in correctly & to the right place. If thats of no help............. maybe you can borrow a mic & test it... Im thinking its the mic itself. Mics are pretty cheap.... least most are. Walmart sales them starting at $8.97. Do you have a mic that goes to anything else you could try.

Did you update the mic drivers?

Hope this helps... if not I don't know what else to tell you.
Maybe someone else can help.

Savvy :)

BTW...keep the audioC program... its great!!
im from England!! so i cant get one from Walmart but they are pretty cheap here to! thanks 4 ya help everyone ill just have to buy another one
LOL.... shhhhhhhhh............ Don't say that to loud. Next thing you know Wal-Marts will be popping up everywhere....LOL

They are already in Mexico & Canada... That was as of 4 yrs ago when I worked there. Might be international by now.

Let us know when you get the mic if it worked out ok.

Savvy :)
Well if your mic doesn't work, try a reeeaaally old stereo mic. For fun I hooked it up and it worked perfectly :)
walkman mic will work too... any kind of mic thats the right size.
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