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Greatest Car company

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I am an Aussie myself and Holden is the best company around, innovative and setting the standards of all other companies. My favorite car being the Holden Monaro, called the Pontiac GTO overseas, but Holden Monaro is the original.

*For all those who do not know just what Holden is, Google Holden and see for yourself.
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it was, until I hit 6'6". Sort ended that dream. :)
Couriant said:
If you haven't done so already, i would suggest renting Who Killed the Electric Car?

That movie put into prospective on what happened to the cars. It's a shame that it was canned, though no surprise on who were the people that were responsible for the death of the E-Car.
That's on my Netflix list :up:
Mulder said:
Toyota, then Honda.
:up: I have a CRV and love it :)

CRV = Cute Recreational Vehicle :p
what's the 's' stand for? :)
SAAB, before GM took total control (my current car's a '96 9000CD LPT). SAAB's of this age are possibly over engineered (ie: heavy), and they don't do exceptional miles per gallon, but I do feel safe in it!

For sheer fun, quirkiness and exclusivity (if that appeals to you) Morgan Cars of Malvern must be close to the top of the list. If I ever get enough money I will be going over to Malvern to place my order (I'm sure I'd get used to the crosseyed look of the latest models!)
hannab said:
:up: I have a CRV and love it :)

CRS = Cute Recreational Vehicle :p
For a Cute Recreational Girl! ;)
Biggest automobile company in the world is GM.

I think the most "integrated" could be the pairing of DaimlerChrysler and Mitsubishi, they work together on a lot of stuff and the technology that results is found in the form of shared components in a very large range of cars from different brand names.

Holden for instance, has some cars with components that is shared in cars from GM's Pontiac, but also other cars with components from Mitsubishi and DaimlerChrysler. A lot of the high-dollar Chrysler models are starting to see components from Mercedes Benz. They're trying to take the best out of Japanese, German, and American automaking and putting it in the places where it will sell to each market.

I open the door of my Dodge and see a big Mitsubishi sticker in my face :) . American brand, Japanese innards, from a German bought parent corporation.

Strange world.
lol,,, WarC, you remind me of another car I used to have, an Olds; had engine from Brazil, tranny from Japan, something from Canada, some electronics out of Mexico, body from US, gas from Middle East... :p
hannab said:
That's on my Netflix list :up:
:up: nice
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