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Greatest Car company

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I am an Aussie myself and Holden is the best company around, innovative and setting the standards of all other companies. My favorite car being the Holden Monaro, called the Pontiac GTO overseas, but Holden Monaro is the original.

*For all those who do not know just what Holden is, Google Holden and see for yourself.
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Can you clarify what you mean by "best"? Best as in longest-lasting on the road, best mileage, best innovation, best looking products, best management, best... ?
Are you also then specifying only companies that are still producing, or any from history? Of course, if they had been 'best', they'd still be around, hmmmm... ;)
Sorry, but a pet peeve when something is called the 'best' - engineer in me cries out for the what, when, where, who, why, how,,, :eek: :p

Historically, there are many companies that were very innovative, best at creating new technologies for their day, but for whatever reasons, these firms nameplates are now gone: Cord, Auburn, Pierce-Arrow, Dussenberg, etc.

As to modern autos, I hate to say, but US firms, altho' improving drastically in the recent years, still have much to do to change their own culture. I've a '92 Toyota Celica GT-S, over 204k miles, gets ~30mpg, driving 70-80 mph, very little maintenance - and will drive this car until can't go any further. Then there is the '05 Honda Odyssey :eek:, which really kicks tail, for a minivan.

As deuce mentioned also above, the US industry is, unfortunately, hurting, and unless there is a MAJOR shift in their culture/ways, in their dealings w/ suppliers, in their labour environment, etc., they will continue to falter. Unfortunate, in that there is much talent there, and also in that there is so many other firms relying upon their business. The domino effect here in the States is going to get worse, I am afraid, before it improves, if ever. :(

FWIW, if ever in the NE Indiana area, might check out: :up:

Wiki has a very quite long list of car manufactures:
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lol,,, WarC, you remind me of another car I used to have, an Olds; had engine from Brazil, tranny from Japan, something from Canada, some electronics out of Mexico, body from US, gas from Middle East... :p
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