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Graphics on a new mobo

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I just bought a decent AGP graphics card.

I want to upgrade my motherboard/CPU next but most these days ship with PCI-E. Are there motherboards about with both AGP and PCI-E? So when I upgrade my graphics again, I can get PCI-E but not make my current new card obselete already?

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Hum? what happened to my post? anyways its An Intel board not a AMD, it runs core 2 duo but if you need a AMD then let me know. what do you currently run a 939? or a AM2?

(Core 2 Duo is fastest out right now)
jackdw said:
I surrently have an AMD Sempron 3000+ on socket 754.

I've (nearly) always had AMD, especially for the higher spec PC's. The last Intel I had was a Pentium 3 that fell from 833mhz down to 745mhz suddenly.
Trust me I am a AMD fan by far but Intel is on top right now. AMD used to be the best for gaming and graphics but with the release of core 2 duo that has changed. I look at it this way. why pay for something that i'm going to get less performance out of for the same price. So, as of late I have been going Intel till AMD catches up. Don't think that will be till late this year.

If you want a mobo that supports dual core you will need to buy a cpu anyways because they do not make a motherboard I know of that is socket 745 that has dual core support or a dual core cpu that is socket 745.

If you are getting a new CPU you may as well go with the best performance
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