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Graphics on a new mobo

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I just bought a decent AGP graphics card.

I want to upgrade my motherboard/CPU next but most these days ship with PCI-E. Are there motherboards about with both AGP and PCI-E? So when I upgrade my graphics again, I can get PCI-E but not make my current new card obselete already?

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I want to get a mobo capable of dual core. I'm just planning ahead, I need to save up yet.

So they don't exist for dual cores, dam. How about a pci-e to agp converter? Do they exist?

Sorry, I'm new to this world of dual cores and PCI-E. AGP is as far as I've currently gone.
Dam, I just spent £90 on it...


Oh well, perhaps I'll stay with the current config until graphics isn't enough again. Or just use the card on the mobo and have another PC...
Is socket 775 dual core or single? From what I can remember it's a single core socket.

Does anyone know any more about these sockets?
I surrently have an AMD Sempron 3000+ on socket 754.

I've (nearly) always had AMD, especially for the higher spec PC's. The last Intel I had was a Pentium 3 that fell from 833mhz down to 745mhz suddenly.
I'll probably go socket 940. Which is the one currently in use? As in, the one likely to get more CPU's made for it? I know socket 754 has been phased out now.

What about this PCI-E converter, it could be what I need.
So that thing won't work with my ATI 1600 pro?

What can I do then? I don't want to render my Christmas present useless but I want to upgrade...
I can't return it, it's been opened etc. What percentage do graphics cards sell for used?
It's been used as well, using it now. it does however have a vibrating fan. Could that get me cashback?
Hmm, ok thanks for your help.

Also, I was thinking of getting this:
I take my PC to my friend's house a lot and the full-size ATX case I have now is REALLY bulky. Would this fit in my micro-ATX mobo, an AGP GFX card and a few PCI's? And do you know if the PSU is a special size?

I know it's a shot in the dark but I thought you might have some experience or can make an educated guess.

What are most dual-core motherboards? Micro or full size?

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