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Hi guys,

I've been reading these and other forums to come up with a solution to my problem but there is nothing specific enough so I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone had any ideas.

First off, spec:

Windows Vista, Nvidia 8500 GT, 2GB RAM, 200GB Hard Disk, Packard Bell Core 2 Duo.

My computer recently started crashing during playing games, I'd get a little yellow exclaimation triangle saying nvtdlm.sys (or similar) driver has stopped working and restarted.
Once this happens, on a reboot, the first few screen (press f2 for bios, f8 and so on) have the text all corrupt and when windows loads it is back in basic mode. Checking the device manager shows my graphics card with a warning sign and the message: Windows cannot use the device as the driver reported problems (Code 43).

Ok, so after reading lots of advice so far I've managed a few times to get it to all come back reporting ok again and playing games again. Then the next day it'll crash again and I'll have to go through the whole process again to get it working again. Sometimes for whatever reason I'll have to do the process several times before it works and this can take a long time.

This is what I do to fix the problem:

Uninstall Nvidia drivers from add/remove programs.
Unintall display device from device manager.
Use Driver Cleaner Pro to remove all traces of Nvidia drivers from my machine.
Reboot machine and let windows do the auto-install thing - this installs the display device as "Standard VGA Display Device".
Reboot again after "Standard VGA Driver" is installed.
Install latest version of Nvidia drivers.
Reboot again.

That usually does it but sometimes for reasons unknown the display driver still appears corrupted and I have to do it all again. Some variations on the process above include installing several different versions of the Nvidia display drivers, booting into safe mode to do the uninstall & re-install of drivers, using a search util (agent ransack) to find all nvidia drivers the driver cleaner may have missed - sometimes they appear in \windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository - but all to no avail, I still get the same problem.

My first thoughts were overheating problem so I installed Speedfan and monitored the GPU temps but they never go above 65C which I've read is quite acceptable.

So I'm completely stuck and starting to worry that it's actually just the hardware which is at fault and therefore I need to buy a new graphics card. I wanted to check on here first and see if anyone else agrees or has any other suggestions?

Any help greatly appeciated! :)

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