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GPU drivers deleted accidentally, does not post on restart

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GPU : EVGA geforce gtx 1080 S/N: 1812536183802379
CPU: Intel I5 6500
Ram: 16 gb
HDD: toshiba 1tb
Mobo: asrock z170m pro4s

Was trying to install different drivers to be able to run an application. Uninstalled the Nvidia graphics driver which led me to restart. After restart pc runs, everything working, but the monitor does not detect any information. The weirdest part is that the gpu lights work and the fans spin on startup but they stop spinning moments after. As far as I know, my gpu is not a card that does not spin fans on idle. I was able to get another graphics card and managed to reinstall nvidia software to version 445.75 (latest version). I also made sure to install the audio driver and physx just in case. Despite these efforts, after replugging in the original 1080, the computer would still not make it to post. Either that or nothing was being displayed. (There were no beep codes, it just ran without displaying anything). Using this information, it would lead me to believe that it was a software and not a hardware issue because the card is still fairly new (6 months give or take) plus with this current situation, it would be quite difficult to seek repairs. Thank you for your help.
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Firstly, I would recommend using DDU to uninstall your GPU drivers. Next; what type of cable are you using to connect your GPU to Mobo? I would use a DVI cable. So I would pull out the GPU, then use DDU to uninstall the driver then I would do a CMOS reset. To do this, just pull the CMOS battery out of system for 5 minutes.

Then reboot, go into BIOS and make sure that you have enabled the onboard GPU. That is the GPU on your Intel CPU. Which is the Intel HD 530 graphics. This should get your monitor showing correctly.

Then find your driver/software package for you Nvidia GPU. Turn off system, install card, boot up, go into BIOS, disable onboard GPU. enable PCIe GPU save and exit. Once up and running install your Nvidia GPU driver with DDU. Make sure you install the software side of the driver.....this is where you use the software to set the fan curve. I have a EVGA GPU and use the Precision X 1 software to set mine.
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